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Appetizers ::
A1. Chicken Satay (4)
Tender chicken breast, marinated and grilled on skewers and served with peanut sauce.
A2 Shrimp Satay (2)
Shrimp marinated and grilled on skewers and served with peanut sauce.
A3. Fried Tofu (4)
Deep-fried bean curd served with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts.
A4. Fried Egg Rolls (4)
Deep-fried eggrolls, stuffed with carrots, onions, and black mushrooms. Served with sweet sauce.
A5. Fried Wontons (7)
Ground chicken wrapped in wonton skins, deep-fried and served with sweet and sour sauce.
A6. Thai Salad Rolls (2)
Rice paper wrapped around lettuce, rice noodles, sprouts, tofu and veggies. Served with peanut sauce. Vegetarian.
A7. Grilled Meat Balls
Meat balls on skewers, grilled and topped with spicy sweet sauce. Serve with vegetable.
A8. Sampler Plate
Combination of fried tofu, fried wontons, fried egg rolls, Pot sticker, and salad rolls. Served with Peanut sauce, Sweet and sour sauces., and sweet ginger sauce.
A9. Pot Stickers (7)
Mixed veggies and chicken deep-fried and served with sweet ginger sauce.
A10. Lobster Balls (6)
Chop lobster and mixed with powder deep-fried and served with spicy sweet sauce
A11. Son In Law Eggs (6)
Fri boiled eggs and serve with Thai special sauce.

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